Who is Zizzo?


Zizzo Phynix – The Empowering Hip Hop Artist, Author, and Holistic Self-Love Coach

Zizzo Phynix, hailing from the vibrant borough of Staten Island, New York, emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip hop. Her journey from overcoming stage four cancer at the tender age of 21 to pursuing her dreams as a hip hop artist is an inspiring testament to her unwavering determination and resilience.

From a young age, Zizzo’s passion for music was evident. She discovered her musical talent in elementary school, playing the saxophone and honing her skills as a versatile writer and musician. Growing up amidst the musical legacy of Wu-Tang Clan, Christina Aguilera, and Force MD’s, Zizzo was inspired by the creative energy that thrived in her community.

However, her path to success was not without its challenges. As a biracial child, Zizzo faced adversity and bullying, both at home and in school. These experiences fueled her drive to rise above limitations and embrace her unique identity.

Surviving stage four cancer became a pivotal moment for Zizzo, igniting a fire within her to pursue her dreams fearlessly. She embarked on a journey into the music business, captivating audiences and winning accolades at the renowned Apollo Theater. This marked the beginning of her meteoric rise in the industry.

Zizzo’s independent projects, including the mixtapes “Diamond from the Rock” Vol. 1 & 2, showcased her distinct style and lyrical prowess. Her music, often described as timeless and a breath of fresh air, resonates deeply with listeners, leaving an indelible impact. Along her journey, she had the honor of opening shows for esteemed artists such as Chubb Rock and collaborating with industry legends like Dana Dane and Johnny Juice of Terror Dome Studios to name a few.

Despite the struggles and challenges she faced, Zizzo’s passion for creative expression led her to explore other artistic avenues. She ventured into book writing, publishing her debut work, “Stage Four: A Cancer Survivor’s Story.” This poignant memoir, with a powerful foreword by the legendary Chubb Rock, shares her triumph over cancer and inspires readers to overcome obstacles with courage and resilience.

Driven by her own experiences, Zizzo delved into the realm of mental health, spirituality and holistic self-love. She became a passionate advocate for mental health and embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery. Through her deep understanding and wisdom, she developed expertise in what she calls “the arts of self-love.” Sharing her knowledge and insights, Zizzo became a holistic self-love coach, empowering others to embrace their self worth and manifest a life of joy and fulfillment.

Committed to inspiring others, Zizzo authored “The Secret Power of Journaling,” a transformative guide that unlocks the potential of journaling for personal growth and manifestation. Additionally, she created the beautifully designed “Flowers of Life” Journal Series, offering guided journals to help readers cultivate gratitude, manifest their dreams, and find joy in daily life.

Currently, Zizzo is preparing to release her latest music project, “Cause and Effect,” featuring surprise collaborations with beloved artists such as the legendary Caron Wheeler, DJ Johnny Juice and acclaimed produce Rockwilder. Alongside her musical endeavors, she continues to provide self-love coaching services and manages her business, “Full Aspectz.”

Zizzo Phynix embodies the essence of resilience, empowerment, and artistic brilliance. Her journey from surviving cancer to making an impact in the music industry and promoting self-love serves as an inspiration to all. With her infectious energy, authentic storytelling, and commitment to personal growth, Zizzo Phynix is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those she touches.


NEW MUSIC by Zizzo Phynix


1. One on One

produced by Ray Skilla

2. 42 Bar Charge

feat. Rockwilder. produced by Its Feddy tracks

3.Feels So Good

feat. Caron Wheeler. produced by Shroom

4. Cause & Effect

feat. Johnny Juice. produced by Its Feddy Tracks


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