written by Wendy Zizzo

“Stage Four… A Cancer Survivors Story”

foreword by Chubb Rock 

Available in Audiobook

“The Secret Power of Journaling”

Learn how to use writing to Manifest Happiness Now 

Available in Audiobook


          “7 Seeds of Self Love”               

7 inspirations to create a healthier relationship with Yourself

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Welcome to the BOOKS page. Here you will find the inspiration, and the tools to help you along in your Self Loving Journey…

I wrote these books with the intention to help others because I 100% know what its like to be in the worst feeling spaces of life and not knowing what to do…

“STAGE FOUR, A CANCER SURVIVORS STORY” is about my very own cancer experience, how I got through it, and the new perspectives I’ve gained after going through such challenging times in my life…

And all though I survived cancer, I still had to recover and rebuild myself to survive and grow throughout life.

And trust me, having a better life is more than just about having money (all though money does help! lol). From what I’ve learned over the last almost two decades since surviving cancer, life is more about your cultivating a healthy mindset and most of all the relationship you have with yourself!

So with my growing knowledge I wanted to share it with you, knowing that once applied can truly be helpful for you in your life!

“THE SECRET POWER OF JOURNALING” is a simply put explanation as to why journaling is such a helpful and powerful tool, along with the different ways you can use journaling to build a healthier relationship with yourself, but also how you can create a more joyful and abundant life using your natural power of manifestation!

To help get you started on your journaling journey I created this beautiful Series “FLOWERS FOR LIFE” designed to help you give yourself your flowers daily!

“THE FLOWERS FOR LIFE” Journal series are guided journals helping you cultivate more gratitude into your days and nights, also guiding you to manifesting more of what you WANT in your life.

“ME MYSELF & I” Daily journal is designed to keep you focused in your self loving journey daily. Allowing you to be as vulnerable and free with yourself that you need to be. Giving you the space to express yourself with no filter!

After all, if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will inevitably attract others into your reality being the same, keeping you feeling ways you dont want, and craving to be loved.

Begin ow to take your life into your own hands and create the life you always wanted. One page at a time!

Also look out for more from “THE ARTS OF SELF LOVE” Blog.