Self Love is being able to talk to Yourself!! 

You cannot heal all of yourself without Learning how to talk Loving to Yourself, have understanding, compassion & being forgiving to ALL of yourSelf! 

This type of love is sometimes all the love you need.. 

You not only have the ability to deeply Love yourself, 

You already have all of that Love you need built in just wanting to share! 

Just learn to give that sweet, loving, supportive, patient, & caring Love to yourself in all the ways you’ve always wanted to Experience it.. 

Just in the same that you can think about things that hurt and it makes you Feel uncomfortable.. 

Is that same ability you can use to retrain your mind to make your thoughts Feel more comfortable for you.. 

You are with you all day, all night, & in every thing you experience.. 

It is your responsibility to learn how to exist within yourself in ways that allows you to resolve your internal distresses, and find more solutions than problems.. 

Your mind is so powerful it’s helped you Master with perfection the very version of yourself that you currently are.. 

The Only thing is you haven’t been deliberately practicing the thoughts and ways of being that you chose, you were more so forced into all you know, and that is okay! 

Know that you are powerful! 

You can retrain your mind, and love yourself in ways you didn’t know you could.. 

Overall, how you experience this life starts and ends with you.. 

And you truly Deserve to experience more Joy and more Love for All of you, good, bad & ugly.. 

You are worthy and you are more than enough… 

-The world changes when you change 

Art of Self Acceptance 💜

Studies show that writing can be a form of therapy as well as a powerful tool to train your mind. Using writing in many ways such as guided journals, affirmations and even gratitude writing can overtime help you create a healthier mindset and bring more Joy into your life. The ‘Flowers for Life” journal series is designed to help keep you focused on creating that healthier relationship with yourself… 

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