Set the foundation with Self Love!

Part of true self loving yourself is a continuous practice of a healthier mindset about You to you! 

Society has trained us to judge ourselves, stress, worry, and even compare ourselves to others.. 

And from this stems many internal conflicts that keeps us easily influenced by the opinions of others, and or their actions.. 

Know that what ever you continuously think of about yourself on a daily basis, and or even notice becomes “louder” when you are triggered, is a within the mindset you are, and have been practicing which is anchored by subconscious beliefs… 

If you continue to state anything out loud in conversation to others, or to yourself about yourself beginning with “I Am”, this creates beliefs deep in your subconscious mind over time from the practicing…

And it is that perspective that you live your life from… 

So saying, or believing things like: 

“I am Fat” or “I am broke” or “I am not good enough”… 

Over time not only will you believe these repeated statments about yourself, but you’ll continuously make the decisions that will keep you proving to yourself that the beliefs are right and true… 

Learning to Love yourself requires you to take deliberate actions daily toward re-training how you think about yourself to yourself.. 

Whether you practice affirmations, journaling, or consciously catching yourself speaking against yourself, and then changing what you are stating into what you do prefer like:

“I am desearving”, “I am Good enough” or “I am Abundant” 

Overtime thinking on purpose will eventually become your normal way thinking, and from there when outside events occur, you’ll be better prepared to process it in a way that will help you realign yourself, rather then remaining in a misaligned, not so good feeling space within.. 

Even if that’s just keeping your precious attention away from whatever is happening around you.. 

Practicing loving yourself builds a healthier relationship within…

And not only will you have better feeling days, but you’ll be less likely to tolerate any one that is not matching the love you are giving self to be around you. 

Which then returns your power toward you, and allows you the ability to walk away from situations you see aren’t serving your highest good… 

Take this moment to just look at yourself as you are, no judgments, no comparisons, and tell yourself, 

“I love you exactly as you are, and I completely understand what brought you to be this very version of you that you are right here and right now, down to even how you are currently feeling, and it is okay, it is valid based on your experiences, and I am now committing to being more deliberate in becoming an even better version of myself” 

And now Imagine what that version of you looks like… 

How does she/he walk, talk, and even sit in a chair… 

How does that version of you feel when they wake up in the morning? 

Hows does this version of you feel about themselves? 

Get a clear picture of this version of you.. 

Your clothes, your shoes, your home, your bank account, your daily routine’s.. 

(Journaling daily is a powerful tool to practice this exercise)

And then Apply any actions toward being that version into your daily routines..

With practicing a new way of being, eventually you will become that new way..

This is Literally creating new neural pathways in your brain! 

Keep in mind, whatever results you are living at this moment are a reflection of what you’ve been practicing… 

And that is okay!! 

Learning to Love yourself requires you to Forgive yourself for Not knowing what you did not know!! 

Taking responsibility for loving yourself requires you to take that honest look at yourself, recognize what is existing, and now taking steps toward the direction that you prefer to become…

Be the patience and compassion you’ve always been to others toward yourself! 

The type of empathy you give to others, start taking a look at yourself, and give that same empathy toward yourself accordingly… 

You can become the remedy to your pain when you practice giving that love & acknowledgment you always craved for to yourself…

Be the love you are toward you! 

Start today with journaling, affirmations or even jus taking in a deep breath, and making Peace with where you are! 

Happiness is a practiced choice that you can choose out of love for yourself every day!

One thought at a time! 

Art of Self Love 

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Journaling is not only a powerful tool, but adding the practicing of Gratitiude is the ultmate fuel to propel you, and your life into better and better feeling days!

The Power of Gratitude is underestimated, but still it is unmatched!

Practicing Gratitude every Day & Night will enrich your life, improve how you feel, and even bring about more things to be grateful for.

Practicing Daily also retrains your mind, and over time even creates new neuro pathways in your brain that you will have more lasting effects of more Joy and the ability to bring yourself Feel Better spaces!

Take your mind intoyour own hands and start with practicing Gratitude every Day & Every Night, and after 30 days, you’ll see for yourself!

Inspiring the mind to create Internal Happiness is the Full Aspect’s Mission!

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