Self love is being Fully real with yourself & what you choose to do, or not to do that keeps you doing the same things and expecting different results… 

Self love is not about Blaming Self.. 

It is a serious, yet compassionate look you take at yourself, your life, and the part you are playing in your story.. Even if thats just about you being present for events.

Responsibility is about taking a look objectively at all you are, and starting to do whats needed to make changes from what you do not like to experience, and more toward what you do like experience.  

Baby Steps..

Do Not expect yourself to make leaps and bounds, that takes training just like an athlete, and training of your mind takes practice and discpline.

Take any step you can think of in this moment to make a change, even if that is just writing things down!

Writing things down is the first step to making your thoughts, things… now manifested into this reality where you and others can experience it.

Self love is learning how to give yourself the acknowledgment & appreciation for all you are, here and now and especially when those challenging feeling emotions emerge… 

Self love is learning how to listen to your emotions instead of reacting soley off of them.. Taking the time to ask yourself the concerning questions to understand yourself, and why this thing bothers you…

We all make mistakes, and mistakes are necassary for you to learn and grow from. Not to punish or shame yourself from what you didn’t truly understand at that time..

There is nothing wrong with feeling bad… 

You are entitled to feel as you do as long as you arent enflicting harm onto yourself or others.

And recognize that how you feel is also your responsibilty to manage your way through whether thats seeking professional help, or journaling it out..

And a lot of times things can wrong when you look for a solution to how you feel outside of yourself, and in all the wrong places.. 

After all, how YOU Feel, is something only YOU can FEEL, and so the very remedy can be created by the same energy that creates your discomforts by changing your subconcious beliefs around it.. 

You have to re train your mind! 

Your mind is so powerful, you can imagine anything in anyway and have an entire experience in some way from it.. 

Whether you are imagining a memory, a worst case scenario, a good scenario or even a fantasy.. 

At some level you are creating this, & from your environment & belief systems you flesh out this image and it becomes your reality.. 

How you FEEL is at the core of every experience.. 

And once you learn how to pay attention to the messages coming from the ways you Feel, you’ll be able to discover the patterns you are practicing and participating in.. 

With this awareness you can now start making changes needed to shift yourself to the way you want to experience life.. 

Training your mind to be your ally is key.. 

Practicing Things Daily like: 

  • Visualization
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Emotional Tuning In
  • Self Forgiviness

Will help over time help you to build a healthier relationship with yourself.. 

Yourself as in your Mind, Body & Belief systems working behind the scenes, deep in your subconscious and unconscious mind.. 

Retraining your mind to work with you rather than against you is your work and your greatest reward!

Becoming the master of yourself is how you live a better life! 

Understanding Emotions are also a very important component, but stay tuned for the next blog and we’ll get into the gist of what emotions are and how they benefit us more than we know.

Keep in mind Responsibity should be a Self Loving, self-empowering experience, anything less than that is you finding ways to abuse yourself because you’ve practiced that way, and it’s ok, just take Responsibility, take steps..

And You can, and will change it.

Learn it, do it & Be it…

Art of Self Love 

Begin your Self Loving Journey by Understanding more about the different tools you can apply today.

A very powerful tool is journaling..

In “The Secret Power of Journaling” you will learn about the magic of writing, and how you can use it to train your mindset to change your life!

Even get started giving yourself the Flowers with the “Flowers for Life” Journal Series.

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