Self Love is Loving yourself First! 

When people consistently don’t treat you the way you know you deserve to be treated, whether in relationships, work, or friendships, you have to learn to recognize the forest for the trees.. 

Give YOURSELF the benefit of the doubt, & less to others.. 

People show you exactly who they are, but if you choose to by pass what they show you, with practicing thoughts like “one day this will change & get better” or “It was my fault they treated me badly”, you will continually keep yourself in a repetitive cycle of ultimate despair in the end despite your efforts.. 

Self Love is knowing when to give yourself the attention, intention, loving & supportive words, patience, compassion, empathy & respect to SELF FIRST.. 

Learning to Self love is a practice, & you’re not wrong for making “mistakes” 

But you’d be wronging yourself if you continued making the same mistakes, when you do have the power & ability to start doing right by yourself.. 

Taking Responsibility is taking a step back and looking at things for what they actually are.. 

because no matter how you “Feel” it ALL just IS… 

And then moving toward creating a solution & executing it, while trusting that things will work out for you! 

Learning to Self love is the practice of listening & trusting your intuition & less of your trusting your fears.. 

Knowing that feelings are Not Facts and facts are only what you can prove. 

Self love is Practicing being aware of yourself & noticing your patterns & take steps toward creating new & healthier ones.. 

It’s training your mind with better feeling thought processes that help you work through your upsets, rather then always finding distractions to get away from how you feel.. 

How you feel is the window into your subconscious mind, where distressed parts of you are craving for that resolve of Love, apologies & closures you’ve always wanted.. 

Self love is caring about the way you feel so much that you Will take the time to know you better, love you better and let people go that do not! 

You deserve the love you give, but firstly, learn to give that Love to Self! 

Art of Self Love 💜

When you are learning to love yourself, it important to know that its not only a practice of choosing a different way of seeing things and yourself, but its taking action daily to re train your mindset to be your ally and not your adversary.

Just like years and years of ideas and beliefs you practiced are now activily creating your results now, its important to know that you can start NOW to change those beliefs.

But it takes time, tools and discpline to achieve this.

One highly effective tool is journaling.

With daily journaling you can train your mindset with the beliefs and ideas that benefit you!

I began my journaling journey to improve my mindset in 2015, and since then I have changed my life from darkness to light!

After years of journaling, I found a few powerful techniques with journaling that made a huge difference in re training my mindset.

With this in mind I created the “Flowers for Life” Journaling series.

Each Journal is designed to guide you daily to building a healthier relationship with yourself and even manifesting the life you truly deserve.


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“FLOWERS FOR LIFE” Journal Series


Self Love is like becoming the Gardener for your mind.. 

Whatever Seeds (Beliefs,Ideas) you plant, will eventually grow as long as you keep watering them daily & how you think & feel is the resulted experience… 

So if you’re not to pleased with your experiences, and you’re not FEELING as Good as you would like, chances are you could use some new seeds to plant in your garden… 

In your Mind

Everyday in some way you are feeding your mind.. 

Question is, what are your results, & those results will are proof of what you’ve been feeding your mind with.. 

You have the power & ability to change your mind.. 

It just takes Dedication to Loving yourself… 

Loving on yourself Mind, Body & Emotion.. 

Allow the “7 Seeds of Self Love” to be those seeds, that once planted and watered over time with more of your love, will produce a better feeling moments of Life inside & out…

Self love is continuously feeding your mind with things that make you smile and Feel Grateful… 

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