Learning how to control yourself is key to your growth…

Self Love is Self discipline…

Understanding the actual design of your natural body, how it works and how much influence you have over it, is the road to Power…

Knowledge is a component of power, but applied knowledge & discipline is True Power..

You are more amazing than you give yourself credit for..

Whatever your current lifestyle is, the way you feel and think is a result of the natural power you have, that you’ve been applying with discipline to date…

Yes, even the painful parts..

Objectively look at yourself..

Become aware of your thought patterns, and what outcome they produce..

Either you Feel Good, or you Feel Bad..

How you feel is the major factor to your power…

When you feel Good, life experience is way more enjoyable, and you want more of that..

When you feel bad, life experience is not so enjoyable, and you Don’t want more of that..

However, are you aware of your part in the creation of your experiences?

What you believe, creates how you feel, and how you feel is how you experience life..

You can by daily discipline and practice, feed your mind the necessary thoughts and beliefs that will create better feeling life experiences..

Now there’s nothing wrong with feeling bad, and in most cases feeling bad gives birth to new ideas of things you prefer more than not..

Both feeling Good and Bad is a necessary part of life experience…

The question becomes, which do you prefer, and are you ready to deliberately create what you prefer?

Self Love is caring so much about how you feel, that you are willing to not look in the same directions as everyone else..

You are willing to go against the grain and the “norms” of society to Be, Do and Have life the way You choose…

Self love is also recognizing your successes not measured against anyone else…

Success is achieving a level higher than your last..

Even if that’s more smiles today than yesterday..

The most valuable things in life are free..

and Feeling Good is at the top on the list..

Self Love is taking full responsibility and then control over your mindset..

Feeding it daily with what produces your desired outcomes..

And most importantly, developing a loving patience with yourself along the way..

When you are learning to love yourself, it is a process, and it takes time, so give yourself that time, and do what you can to keep on track..

Here’s a few Tips.

1. Use paper or white boards and write affirmations that resonate with you, hang them where you can see it daily

2. Read or Listen to audio books and great teachers Daily

3. Create a Journal and began writing down what the “perfect day” would be for you, how would you wake up, what kind of things do you do, & how does it feel..

Practicing these exercises daily!

Self Love is doing the work!

You have the power… Just create what you prefer!

Art of Self Discipline 💜

Self Love is Constantly Feeding your Mind & heart with a Positive Mind-food.. 

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written by Wendy Zizzo


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