Your mind is the key to Manifesting Happiness Now

Self Love is Learning How to Master your Mind! 

Your mind is like a muscle, and whatever you continually train it with, will become your reality.. 

Meaning, whatever things you keep thinking about, the good, bad & indifferent will create how you Feel… 

How you Feel is how you experience your day to day, moment to moment life. 

Example, when you take time to think about the things that make you grateful about yourself, life & others you’ll notice that you Will Feel GOOD.. 

Same goes when you take time either consciously or unconsciously and think about the things that scare you, bother you or you disagree with will create a not so Good Feeling

This may sound fundamental, but some times it’s the most simplest of things that have the biggest impact on our lives.. 

Keep in mind, whether you are training your mind to think thoughts on purpose or not, you are still practicing something… 

The key to a better feeling life is training your mind every day and every moment you can.. 

Whether with affirmations, journaling or listening to & watching things that make you feel good.. 

By doing this daily will shape your experiences… 

So what to do when the thinking “positive” doesn’t work?? 

Well, that jus means there are parts of you deep in your subconscious mind that have been under the spell of beliefs that are not in line with Love… 

It’s not your fault that this exists, but it will become your fault that it continues if you do nothing about it. 

This process many now call “Shadow work” or Integration

Shadow work isn’t a magical thing, it’s the ability to get in touch with aspects of yourself that you do not think of on a conscious basis.. 

These are the parts of you that are truly running the show.. 

They are the parts that become your lens into the world, 

From how you see others as well as yourself.. 

Learning to connect with these parts and resolve the Dis-stress and beliefs will allow you even more access to yourself, and that Joyful good feeling life you always wanted.. 

Happiness is truly an inside job, but how do you actually do the work? 

This is a skill that takes time to build and master, 

And once you learn it, you WILL have more control over your mind which ultimately will give you the ability to have a better feeling life experiences… 

Not to mention you will no longer attract the things that are showing you that those parts exist.. 

Whether you agree with natural law or not, they are still working.. 

And Like attracts Like.. 

But with your unresolved parts… 

Whatever (people, events) will show you that those parts are there and you WILL be shown because they are craving to be integrated… 

Whether that’s with relationships or every day experiences you will be in alignment with as long as those beliefs are active.. 

You have the power to Change your life.. 

But first you must realize and change SELF FIRST! 

Art of Self Love 💜

written by W. Zizzo

Every new journey requires the first step. When it comes to the Arts of self love, it requires work! And this work pays you handsomely in you creating a better feeling life for yourself. Learning what tools are helpful, and how to use them, will increase your awareness of your power, and what things best help you create the results you want!

One of these tools is Journaling. The Secret power of Journaling is a great introduction to understanding the power of writing. Take a look or a listen for yourself. Also available in audiobook. Click here for more…