A simple question that can even for a moment, can Manifest Happiness Now!

What about Right Now makes you Grateful?

This simple yet powerful question has the ability to shift your entire day for the better!

The power of Gratitude to so many is unknown.

But most importantly understanding the power of your mind, and how you can use Gratitude as one of the many tools to manifest more of what you want into your life than not.

It’s also a not so known thing that we all create our very own reality for ourselves, and co create with others which just expands onto many other levels such as systems and infrastructures. The mind is a powerful part of us, that I will boldly and surely said IS the very “God” consciousness we are, experiencing itself in infinite ways, and constantly becoming more and more of itself. And it is a known scientific fact that change is the only constant of this universe..

So why is that important to know?

Because your are capable of becoming more and more of yourself in ways you see fit. Whatever you focus a large majority of your attention on, will inevitably become part of your experience.

So if you are stressing and thinking of not so good feeling things when you think of them, recognize in that moment you are creating a reality for yourself that is not pleasant, and more importantly not what you actually want.

After all, usually when we are upset at something it is because we do not want it to be that way.

But the paradox is, that the more you focus on that thing in the way you are, the more it will exist in your reality.

Even on other levels, where you are just in a bad mood, you come across more things that add to that bad mood. From getting your clothes caught on the door, stubbing your toe, to arguments with others.

By natural universal laws that exist whether you know it not, what you put out, will come back, or like attracts like.

So this is where Gratitude, and the deliberate practice of Gratitude is so important, and such a power tool that you can use to manifest happiness Now into your reality, even if thats just for a few minutes out of your day.

And when you stay consistent in creating more and more time blocks of minutes, then those few minutes will become hours, then days, months etc.

The Feeling of Gratitude overall FEELS GOOD.

Gratitude is also a passageway to “peace” allowing you the space to breathe, and appreciate life as much as you can.

You are more than likely to smile thinking about what makes you grateful in this moment, rather than something that makes you feel upset or sad.

This also ties into our emotions, and how much of a key player they are in you mastering yourself, and creating the life you always wanted!

I’ll get more into emotional awareness, and how to use them next time.

In the meantime answer the question…

What about Right Now makes you grateful? And to sweeten the pot, think of 3 reasons why those things you picked makes you grateful for it.

If you want to become more consistent in practicing gratitude it is helpful to begin writing it down daily.

Whether it’s a random times, or if you want to practice every morning and every night to really get the momentum going.

By taking your time first thing in the morning to write about what makes you grateful, not only are you setting a tone for how your day can unfold, but over time you are also literally creating new pathways in your brain, which ultimately becomes your mindset over time.

Just like any other skill you learn, it becomes second nature with consistency.

The benefits of training your mindset to be in more gratitude can enhance your life experiences dramatically!

Many think that achieving success, or even love with another is the key to happiness…

But there are so many people you can think of that have success, and have that one, and they are not as happy and as joyful as you think they should be.

And that is usually because they have not practiced, and training their mindset to be more grateful, and instead just keep going for the next, and the next, and the next thing to feel that sense of joy.

And even when you do face those not so good feeling times and events; from rebuilding your mindset you can find your way to relief by being more inclined to start looking for how you can change your perspective toward any given event, which in turn changes your experience of it.

Take your mind into your own hands, and master Self.

Getting started can be a bit challenging, so to help get you started we offer the “My 30-Day Practicing Gratitude Journal” and the “Gratitude Journal Day & Night” guided journal books designed to assist you along your Mindset Training Journey.

Gratitude Journal Day & Night…
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“My 30-day Practicing Gratitude Journal…
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