The Art of Self Love is learning how to Fill your Own Cup!

A lot of times we keep ourselves involved with people that take more than they give, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually..

We stay connected because there’s an aspect of ourselves (conscious or unconscious) that is afraid to be alone, afraid to be abandoned, and may even feel unloved..

These unaligned aspects we hold inside of us, and we have not been shown we DO have the ability to connect with, and even resolve them…

Your mind is the most powerful thing in existence..

it’s the very thing that shapes our reality from how we experience life to how we take action in life..

Your mind is the ONLY thing you CAN Control..

The Art of Self Love, is the learning and applying that control, instead of being in default & then influenced by your environment..

Jus in the same as you have mastered a mindset that can think yourself further into a worry, a panic, despair, and even fear..

You have the same ability to master a new mindset that can think yourself into more gratitude, more joy, bliss and inner peace..

The Art of Self Love is Mastering how you think & better work with how you Feel when life does what life does..

True Self love requires you to care enough about the way you feel that you will learn & become more disciplined, patient and committed to practicing Filling Your own Cup!

Keep in mind that your current mindset and ways of being is a result of you mastering yourself jus as you are..

And that is okay.. 😊

Self Love is not judging yourself, but rather coming to the awareness of recognizing what IS,

and then taking steps toward making the changes necessary to become what you WANT to experience more of…

Self Love is becoming aware of your patterns & your emotions so you can take different steps to remedy what’s not working..

Self love is doing the different things to get different results..

Jus as not loving yourself is doing the same things, and expecting different results…

Either way you are able to chose the direction…

Once you begin to love yourself intimately, the less you will think you need it from others that don’t add to your joy..

So when those people that are not matching the level of love you give yourself walk away, you will be unbothered because you have already Filled Your Own Cup!

Art of Self Love 💜


“7 Seeds of Self Love”

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