The Art of Self Love is learning how to Tune into your Feelings.

It’s very easy to get caught in the current of our emotions when they feel like are they pulling us down.. 

Some fight their emotions, or do whatever they can to avoid dealing with them.. 

Some even try to escape that heavy & uncomfortable feeling that you just can’t shake.. 

But just like the ocean, the best way to survive the current is to surrender to it & not fight against it.. 

Understand that those very feelings are not only messengers, but they are the very parts of you craving to be acknowledged & released.. 

And Regardless of how you define it, you can Feel this energy within you, & have a reaction of either smiling, crying, being in joy, or sorrow.. 

Through out your life you’ve had hundreds of experiences, & these experiences are recorded as beliefs connected to memories within your consciousness.. 

Whenever we connect with a certain memory it brings about a felt sensation that can either be pleasant or not, depending on the beliefs around that memory.. 

A lot of times the not so pleasant memories continue to circulate within our consciousness, & they hurt because the belief you’re holding connected to it is not serving your highest good! 

Some so far back they are forgotten, some very vivid & some even unknown.. 

Since everything about you is energy, even your heart beating and the circulation of blood flow is a result of the energy flowing, & there is your emotional body which is also your energy flowing, and this you FEEL! 

Your Energy constantly flows through you with every breath you take in, and breathe out.. 

The emotional energy is always moving through you, and must also have way to be released.

If it’s not released, then it stays and will build and build over time.. 

The Art of Self Love is learning how to acknowledge these beliefs & allow the release of the energy.. 

Learning how to change the beliefs that are not serving you, into the beliefs that do.. 

The Arts of self love is about training your mindset and developing the skill to tune into yourself whenever those unpleasant feelings are triggered.. 

Over time & practice you will see that your triggers are a gift showing you the path to loving yourself.. 

You just have to learn how to help and listen to your emotions instead of further hurting yourself by still holding onto what is wanting to be loved on & released.. 

Arts of Self Love 💜 

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