My Immune system was so bad after Chemo. I tried so many things that did not work until I found LIMUPLEX!

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So, besides the etheric spiritual aspect of life, there’s of course your physical spiritual aspect.. (everything and everyone about life is a spiritual experience) 

So let me tell you a little about my physical journey of self care after stage 4 Cancer & bringing my body back from the after effects of dealing with nine months of chemotherapy that had its way with me… 

The type of chemo I was given I was warned would mess with my immune system forever.. 

And man they was not lying.. a couple months after I finished my last round of chemo and had my 4th bone marrow biopsy, I found myself working as a letter carrier.. and that was when I first really noticed I have allergies to being outside and for me it was weird.. being that I never had them before I was always and outside type of kid. 

Next, I’d be really tired all the time and when I got sick it was like hell opened up and sucked me in. 

I’d be wiped out with the high fever, chills, upset stomach the works.. having to wrap myself in blankets in hopes to sweat through it, and Even worse I’d get sick 3-4x a year.. so I began to take the vitamin supplement journey, then to the changing of the diet journey, and then when I worked up my body a lil from working so much I began the exercise journey.. 

and still I was always tired, and kept getting sick.. so I started to research holistic herbs and natural remedies that support the gut and boost all the systems.. and just as I was about to buy my 7th type of herb to try, a business friend of mine and I were talking about health and wellness, so I explained a bit of my journey and what I was presently researching.. 

he was surprised not knowing my interest in health and wellness and said “hey I just started a vitamin company, I’ll send you a sample”.. I was like cool.. 

it came a few days later and to my surprise I was shocked at what the ingredients were in the packet of powder form type vitamin that you add to water or juice instead of taking pills… (I hate taking pills!) everything I’ve been recently researching and more!!! 

I was immediately in the kitchen grabbing a water bottle, filling it half way and pouring the packet of this amazing sounding supplement called Limuplex right in, shook it up, drank it all and from there, began to take it daily.. 

No lie, by the 3rd day I went about my normal routine, dropping my daughter off to school, then heading to the gym.. 

Once there as usual I got on the elliptical to do my usual 10 min warm up.. and as I was listening to my music in my ZizZone, I looked down and saw 15 mins had just went by… and I wasn’t tired.. like I’d usually feel all worked up and damn near outta breath by the 9th minute. 

I was surprised like woooooow… so I got excited and continued my work out, did some calisthenics, weight lifting then finishing off with some more cardio for about 25 mins that turned into 30! 

Still surprised about this, I went home, and usually I’d be ready to take a after shower then nap, but I wasn’t tired… 

I was still full of energy.. so I started cleaning my house some.. then later that day my daughters father picked her up for the night, and I STILL had energy come 8-9pm which is usually when I’d be calling it a night ready to pass our exhausted from the day! 

But nope.. so full of energy I called some friends and went out into the city to get a lil bit of party on.. 

Next I knew the hours went by and it was 1am.. and I was still WIDE awake! 

But I decided to go home while I was still ahead.. 

Once I got home, I was STILL wide awake and had to make the mental decision to go to bed.. 

Then I slept like a baby and woke up feeling great.. 

So it took almost 2 years after consistently taking the Limuplex for me to get sick and when I did get sick, it was so mild I didn’t even have to take off from work like I used too, having to suffer through it.. 

since then, now 8 years going strong of STILL taking these supplements, and continuing with a healthier diet and exercise, I know my immune system has improved and I still swear by these supplements. 

I happily share with people about what I take since dealing with cancer and killer chemo .. so I also wanted to share with you my little secret and hand you the key to open the door of trying it for yourself… 

Oh, I forgot to mention the other extra potent supplements that when combined with the Limuplex, will boost your system, nurture your gut and all other systems.. 

Take a look for yourself!  

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